Tree Roots in Burnaby House


Over the years tree roots have broken into the red clay sewer pipe at this house.  The roots are attracted to the water and easily enter through the joints of this old pipe.  Soon after entering the pipe they grow quickly and block the flow of sewage down the pipe.  These red clay pipes are joined together about every 4 feet. This means the tree roots from the old trees above the pipes have lots of changes to enter and create havoc on the sanitary system.


Our first step on this project was to perform a cctv video inspection of the sewer pipe.  Upon inspecting, it was clear to see that tree roots were the problem.  We then went on to clean the pipes and prepare for the installation of our Nu Flow trenchless pipe liner.  After installing our liner the pipe joints became sealed off preventing the tree roots from being able to access water again.  The liner smoothed out offsets in the pipe and gave the pipe structural strength providing the home owner with peace of mind and many more years use of the existing piping system.

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    Danger Posed by Tree Roots

    Plants and trees grow wherever the conditions are favorable; for example, above ground, plants grow towards the light, while the roots grow towards water and nutrients. If the underground sewer lines are cooler than the surrounding soil, moisture will condense around it and create ideal conditions for root growth. The extent of root invasion depends on the condition of the sewer line, and type of tree.

    The leaks in your sewer lines are most likely caused by old worn-out pipes, combined with movements in the surrounding soil, causing cracking and joint failure. As a result, the moisture and nutrients in the sewer lines leak into the soil. When the roots come into contact with leaking wastewater or nutrients, they will grow rapidly at that spot and penetrate damaged pipes in order to access the available water, oxygen, and nutrients.

    Tree roots can enter your plumbing lines through:

    • Deteriorated seals
    • Leaking joints and blocked pipes
    • Failed or dislodged joints
    • Previous damage

    It’s unlikely for a tree root to crack into a properly installed and well-mainteined pipe. But once it begins to deteriorate, the roots from all different types of plants, including trees, shrubs, etc will grow  in the pipe. This may, in turn, cause sewage to overflow, putting your health and that of your loved ones at risk. Their growth could also crush the sewer lines against the soil and constrict the flow of wastewater, leading to plumbing issues in your house.

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