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We repair broken pipes by using our pipe lining methods both inside and outside the building. Pipe lining sewer pipes and drain pipes is an excellent choice verse digging up, breaking concrete opening up floors.


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Nu Flow leads the industry by providing key environmental performance benefits:


  • Epoxy pipe lining is a long-term solution for leaks and breaks, blockages, root intrusion, water damage, mould, sewer backups and increases flow capacity.
  • Testing engineers estimate the life expectancy of our epoxies roughly 100+ years.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

  • Epoxy pipe lining is an eco-friendly solution that creates no landfill wastes.
  • Our innovative green solutions rehabilitate piping systems from the inside, ensure healthy and safe water allowing us to leave virtually no carbon footprint on the environment and prevent pollution to water resources.
  • Epoxy coatings and structural lining technology are endorsed by the EPA, as well as by a multitude of industry professionals and water infrastructure engineers and experts, including a host of global, water-related agencies.

End of life disposal/ability to be reused or recycled

  • Due to the durability of our lining products and type of resin utilized toxics are not released into the environment.

Our Liners

  • Each liner we make is custom to match the exact pipe that we are lining. Custom made just for your pipe.
  • Our lines can be installed on junctions, bends, horizontal or vertical pipes all in one application.
  • Nu Flow’s seamless liner restores structural integrity, prevents joint weakening, and has a smooth transition to the host pipe.
  • We specialize in sectional lining. Our product can stop and start at any point within the pipe.
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