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Sewer cleaning is necessary for avoiding unwanted odors, mold, and soft real estate. Without regular check-ins, your property itself is in a vulnerable position. Realistically, any commercial, industrial, or municipal sewer system can experience pipe fatigue or breakdowns. The responsibility to stop or fix these issues falls on the person in charge of the property. While this scenario is a headache, there are new ways to deal with it.

Cured in-place pipe repair is a modern way to deal with pipe maintenance. Also known as CIPP, this method has led to faster and better ways to service any commercial property sewer system. An annual sewer cleaning is easy to schedule, and you stand to benefit from the use of CIPP in several ways. All of them add up to safe and working pipelines.


Among contractors, CIPP is known as a “no-dig” pipe repair and maintenance method. Thanks to pipe liners and curing strategies, sewer pipes can be fixed where they are. Contractors can insert a tool at the entry point of an existing tube. The tool is connected to a new pipe that will be moved into place as the other is destroyed.

During the process, the force of the new pipe allows what is left of the original to be removed completely and without extra damage. This is a versatile process that works for the majority of pipe systems in the United States – no trenchwork needed.


Sewer cleaning requires optimum access, both to and inside pipes. CIPP involves the use of a flexible camera. With this tool, contractors can inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines. They can probe the system to determine where repairs need to be made or where developing issues are. This approach avoids creating ungainly entry points on commercial grounds. Once the job is complete, the entry point will be all but invisible. This kind of access goes a long way in successfully completing a job.


While CIPP is a proven method, the job of curing resin and forming tight-fitting, joint-less, and corrosion-resistant replacement pipes is no easy task. This is a highly specialized procedure, despite its less-costly results. Contractors can slide slip-liners into a pipe section, apply the resin, then use various ways to cure it into place. In the past, this might have taken a few days, or longer. CIPP makes for sewer cleanings that are short on time, but long in value.


Depending on the job circumstances, CIPP keeps sewer cleanings low-risk. You won’t need to resort to sewer pipe uprooting or landscape disturbances. Instead, your contractor can utilize cured-in-place pipe maintenance that doesn’t involve unnecessary risks, like placing people or property in harm’s way.


Resources are the obvious concern since commercial properties take a lot to manage across the board. Naturally, you want an approach that saves on time and money. You might be worried that sewer cleaning takes too much of both, but wouldn’t you rather deal with the price of cleaning versus an overhaul of the entire system? This is a real concern if you let sewer systems go unchecked.


In the end, scheduling an annual sewer cleaning protects your property. Any unknown problems will be discovered, and any obvious ones can be addressed. With CIPP, you will have better quality pipes and seamless and corrosion-resistant repairs. Don’t worry if you have never heard of CIPP repairs before now. This is your chance to see the process for yourself. Contact us now and we can put a date on the calendar following a job estimate.

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