6″ Hot Tub Suction Line Leaking


The hot tub at a Delta pool was loosing lots of water a day.  Staff was needing to continuously top it up. At the time of our being brought in, it was unknown as to which line or where the problem was. Unfortunately all the pipes are berried in and under large amounts of concrete.  To dig would mean to stat digging up the pool deck until they found the leak. This really wasn’t a feasible option.


Working with the excellent staff at the Corporation of Delta we started with a video inspection of the pipes to see if there was any obvious signs.  Unfortunately there were no signs.  We then added water to the hot tub to see how fast it was going down.

After finding out how fast the water was being lost we made a custom bladder to which we slowly dragged over the joints in the 6″ suction line, inflate and test if the pool would hold and see if it was a possible joint issue.  To our luck it turned out to be one of the first joints in the system from the mechanical room.

We then made up a custom point repair 6″ liner to provide a few feet coverage over each side of the joint. By using our push in place liner and cctv camera we were able to place the liner exactly over the joint we required.  Upon the liner curing the pool held water and the job was successful.

orking with an Asbestos Abatement contractor Nu Flow was able to safely clean and prepare the section of pipe to be repaired. Once the pipe was cleaned we were able to install a Nu Flow CIPP liner into the pipe to cove over the broken sections of pipe. By using a camera and our push-in place liner we were able to precisely install the liner exactly where and how we wanted it.

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    Building the Liner

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