Pipe lining Mitigation for Emergency Room Sanitary Line


The 4″ sanitary line in the centre of the Hospital emergency room was aging with some problems. The pipe is a cast iron pipe which runs directly under the emergency room.  Washroom, and sinks in the emergency  room as well as the Paper Pan macerator system use this line.  About 30 feet into the pipe from the macerator system for the patient wastes the pipe has a belly which creates continuous problems for the hospitals maintenance staff.


Working inside the negative pressure room, using hepa filter air circulation equipment and a self-closing entryway inside the emergency room Nuflow was able to clean and prep the line with no impact to the patients, Doctors, and nurses working around them outside.

With the complexity of the work environment we gapped ( started and stopped ) the liner for each of the lateral lines entering the pipe.  With only the one access point to the pipe inside this room, we were able successfully push each custom made liner into place in the pipe covering over the problem areas.

with an Asbestos Abatement contractor Nu Flow was able to safely clean and prepare the section of pipe to be repaired. Once the pipe was cleaned we were able to install a Nu Flow CIPP liner into the pipe to cove over the broken sections of pipe. By using a camera and our push-in place liner we were able to precisely install the liner exactly where and how we wanted it.

In total we lined approximately 40 feet of pipe without anyone in the emergency room knowing we were fixing the pipe under the floor.  The job was a success.

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