Reline-Repair-Recycle-RenewNu Flow’s innovative green solutions rehabilitate piping systems from the inside, ensure healthy and safe water, leave virtually no carbon footprint on the environment and prevent pollution to water resources.

Nu Flow installs innovative green technologies to rehabilitate the inner infrastructure of deteriorated or failing water piping systems without digging and destruction of exterior landscapes and hardscapes or interior walls and ceilings. By eliminating the need for pipe replacement, existing systems are restored without generating landfill waste, recycling costs or carbon emissions.

Epoxy coatings and structural lining technology are endorsed by the EPA, as well as by a multitude of industry professionals and water infrastructure engineers and experts, including a host of global, water-related agencies.

Nu Flow lining technologies are permanent, affordable, and mean less time, less mess and less cost than repiping drinking water systems, mechanical systems and drain and sanitary lines.

Nu Flow Reuses 100% of the Host Pipe

Structural Liners Epoxy Coatings
Cost-effectively restores deteriorated and failing underground or in building piping systems without creating landfill waste. The new liner acts as a barrier between water and pipe walls. Restored drain systems further prevent pollutants from contaminating ground and surface water supply sources making sure no water is lost in the delivery system. Restores corroding pipes in a safe and efficient manner by coating existing pipes. This provides a permanent solution to corrosion, erosion and leaching of lead and other heavy metals into drinking water. Furthermore, the process helps maintain water flow and eliminates the risk of pinhole leaks.