Pipe Inspection

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Utilizing the latest in pipe line inspection camera’s and locating equipment. Nu Flow Vancouver’s pipe inspection team is here to check out your drain lines, sewer lines, even swimming pool lines. Our smallest camera’s can go around multiple bends in 1-1/2″ water pool lines!

Our inspection videos are clear and precise. It’s easy to see all the details inside your pipes!  We welcome you to watch and of course as always we will publish your report on line so you can watch it at your leisure at a later time or share it with others.

No digging required and we take the guess work out of the equation with our accurate inspections. All our Nu Drain installations are video recorded before and after.


Pipe Locating

ridgid-poolsAt Nu Flow our technicians are equipped with the latest in locating equipment.  The technicians are able to accurately follow where the head of the camera is going along within your pipe underground and then pin point above ground for you.



It’s easy to see exactly what is happening inside your pipes with our clear colour view.