Working with Plumbers

By working alongside plumbers, we can provide a cost effective solution to storm / drain water, sewer, potable water, mechanical systems pipe repairs. We can work together to find and solve your customer’s problems using the latest technologies in pipe rehabilitation.

Our Technologies

Utilizing the latest technologies and epoxy resins, Nu Flow can solve any problem with lateral lines, main stacks, drain and sewer lines, vertical and vent stacks, rain and roof leaders, and water mains. Nu Drain is the most versatile lining system in the world. With Nu Drain repairs can be completed on any type of pipe ranging in diameter from 2” to 12”. Sewage, storm water, drain pipes, lateral lines, stacks under tons of concrete or floors present no problem to Nu Drain.

Nu Drain can be installed on bends, junctions, traps, vertical or horizontal pipes all in one application. Our liner can be installed in sections of piping as required and completely restores structural integrity.

With the latest in epoxy lining for potable water, fire systems, mechanical systems or other pressure pipes from ½” to 10”, Nu Line is a simple restoration technique that completely coats the inside of the pipes preventing leaks and pipe corrosion. The water never touches the metal again. Unlike conventional repair options that can cause complete facility or site closure, this process can be managed to ensure minimum disruption to business operations or homes.

Making you look great

By providing your customer an alternative solution to a conventional repipe job we are happy to work through you seamlessly as a member of your team. This gives you the advantage to provide competitive pricing for a project that no one else has.

What’s in it for you?

  • The ability to provide your customers a cost effective solution to all there pipe repairs.
  • Exclusive benefits – contact us at 1-888-694-1848 or locally in Vancouver at 604-629-9222 to discuss this further.