Drain Systems

Nu Flow offers structural drain lining solutions for a variety of systems including vertical drain stacks, roof drains, storm systems and sanitary drain pipes. Nu Flow’s solutions work in all types of pipe including clay, concrete, metal, iron, steel, PVC and fiberglass.

Trenchless drain and sewer lining cost-effectively restores deteriorated and failing underground or in-building piping systems. Nu Flow’s Pull-in-Place technology is uniquely capable of restoring smaller diameter pipes (as small as 2″ up to 12″+ in diameter) within buildings as well as underground and under building foundations. Nu Flow’s solution allows technicians to restore pipe systems with multiple bends, elbows, branches and transitions in pipe diameter all from existing access points, typically fixture connection points and clean-outs. Nu Flow also has liners applied using the inversion process allowing Nu Flow to use the most effective and efficient solution for the job. Both solutions provide a liner that restores and maintains water flow and acts as a barrier between water and pipe walls that stops leaks, bridges gaps and spans holes in the pipe.

comm_drainsys_verticalappVERTICAL APPLICATIONS

Nu Flow’s innovative technology is used to rehabilitate pipe systems in vertical drain stacks across a range of pipe diameters and including elbows, branches and transitions in pipe diameter.


comm_drainsys_roofROOF DRAINS

Nu Flow offers solutions to rehabilitate roof drain systems that are long lasting and cost effective.


comm_drainsys_stormSTORM SYSTEMS

Nu Flow lining solutions are effective at restoring storm drain systems to ensure pipe integrity and capacity while eliminating unwanted inflow and outflow.


comm_drainsys_sanitarySANITARY SYSTEMS

Nu Flow has effective solutions and unique installation processes to rehabilitate entire sanitary drain systems.