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Nu Drain

Utilizing the latest technologies in pipe camera investigations, proprietary patented cleaning tools and epoxy resins, we can find and solve any problem with drain systems.

We can repair any pipe inside or outside of your building.

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Nu Line

The latest in epoxy lining for hot and cold water, mechanical systems, fire systems or pressure pipes from ½” to 10” pipes.

Nu Line is a simple, cost effective restoration solution that completely coats the inside of the pipes preventing leaks and pipe corrosion.

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Pipe Inspection

Using the latest in pipe line inspection cameras we are able to give you a clear view of your pipes, from sewer, drains, and even pool pipes!

Locating pipes underground with the latest in camera sondes and locating equipement we are able to precisely track where and the depth of our pipes.

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Food & Beverage

Nu Flow Vancouver is pleased to be on the cover of Food and Beverage Engineering and Maintenance for June 2015!

Our recent work in one of Canada’s leading soft drink manufacturing facilities here in Vancouver has provided them with a permanent solution for there high temperature trade water run off lines.

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