Nu Flow offers solutions to rehabilitate HVAC systems including hot and cold water lines in heating and cooling systems.

Nu Flow’s technology has proven effective in multiple potable water pipe systems that have a variety of purposes. The Nu Flow epoxy lining solution includes removing existing corrosion in the pipes and applying an epoxy coating without the need to dig or cut access points to underground, under-foundation or in-wall pipes. Unlike alternative epoxy barrier solutions, Nu Flow’s epoxy and application process is effective in pipes from 1/2″ up to 12″ in diameter. The unique characteristics of the Nu Flow epoxy make it feasible to line longer lengths of pipe through elbows, tees and unique system constructs.

The epoxy coating process restores water flow and prevents corrosion which would otherwise lead to reduced performance and leaks. Nu Flow’s epoxy coating will provide the peace of mind that comes with preventing future leaks in hard to access areas such as under foundations or within walls and ceilings. This can be accomplished faster and more conveniently than alternative options such as replacing pipes. The technology is effective across a wide range of temperatures which makes it suitable for lines with dual functionality for chilling and heating. Once completed, the Nu Flow solution ensures continued performance and long-term durability of the pipe system, even in the presence of water that is not regularly replaced with fresh water.

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