Furnace Dryer Duct Coating

Dryer Vent Ducts

Specifically designed to restore your leaky dryer duct work to better than new condition.

Mold Remediation

Eliminates and prevents mold and other bacteria from growing inside your air ducts without the use of poisons.

Metal Duct Work

Seals air leaks and encapsulates dangerous fibers from breaking away and entering the air stream.

Ducts Containing Asbestos

Rigorously tested and EPA compliant for safely encapsulating asbestos in duct work. Our HVAC duct coating can provide you the safety you need to cover your asbestos ducting providing you clean breathing air.

Allergen Reduction

Your ducts may be making you sick. Fully lined, clean air ducts will make a dramatic difference in your family’s health. 

Furnace Ducts

Rotted, rusty furnace ducts. We can help with get the heat your losing to the rooms it needs to be.

Want to Improve Your Air Quality?

Your indoor air quality is impacted by the cleanliness of your air ducts. If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned or inspected before, Nu Flow’s HVAC coating solution may be your best chance at cleaner, healthier air for your home or business. We can provide in gound air duct repair, furnace duct restoration, dryer ducts and more. Our in-slab air duct coating will help protect your ducts and ensure cleaner, healthier air.

We Restore Your Ducts to New Condition

As your heating system sends air through your ducts, debris from the air can become trapped, greatly reducing the quality of your air. When you work with us, we will take a look inside your ducts and determine the best solution for clearing them out. We will then perform air duct restoration and air vent restoration to get them back into their previous condition so the air that flows through them is clean and healthier to breathe.

We Install A Special HVAC Coating.

Once your air ducts are clean and clear, we offer an air duct coating that will help keep them in that condition for much longer, greatly improving the quality of the air in your home or business. This in-slab air duct coating will prevent the growth of mold and ensure nothing builds up within the ducts so you can breathe better air. This process will reduce your need for air duct cleaning and provide the environment you deserve.

Water build up and condensation in a dryer vent pipe can lead to water pooling inside the in-slab duct and lead to ceiling leaks and water stains.

To help prevent this it is recommended that you clean the lint from inside the dyer vent pipe on a regular basis to allow the air to flow freely. It is important to keep the dryer duct and exterior dryer vent in a clean and clear condition.  You should have the exterior dryer vent cleaned by qualified personnel.

The dryer vent pipe in-slab is made of a galvanized metal which over time will start to rust and break down.  Eccoduct is one of the names for this galvanized steel, buried in-slab ducts.  When water and condensation builds up in the dryer duct pipe it starts to leak through into the concrete and then leaks through to create water stains on your dyrwall ceiling and or ceiling leaks.

Nu Flow’s HVAC coating system provides an approved coating to help seal up leaky pipes, leaky ducts, furnace ducts, dryer vents, eccoduct and most other HVAC Pipes.

Our coating is simple to apply. Our  flow of work to coat and seal the ducts will usually follow this form:

  • We start with a video inspection of your pipes to check the current condition
  • We will discuss solutions and options with you.
  • You may need to get your pipes cleaned before we apply our coating and we are happy to recommend an excellent duct cleaning company for you.
  • Once your ducts are cleaned we will aply our Nu Flow HVAC sealant to your pipe which contains a fungistatic agent to resist mold growth on the dry coated surface.
  • We may do multiple coats depending on the condition of your air pipes.

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