pool repipe alternativeNu Flow Lined Hotel Pool’s Leaking Pipes Without Excavation

The indoor pool in this beautiful hotel experienced unidentifiable leaks, so the customer was burdened with the cost and inconvenience to rell the pool daily. The customer was also greatly concerned about where this leaking water was going and what negative effect it could have on the property. While a traditional repipe would have caused a messy nightmare for the hotel, Nu Flow’s long-term, in-place pipe lining technology was the ideal solution.

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San Diego Residential PoolPotable Pool System Rehabilitation

The aged PVC lines for this home’s backyard poolexperiencedcracks and leaks. The precise locations of the cracks couldnot be traced using the normal tracing wire procedure, so allof the pipes had to be repaired. A re-pipe would have involvedripping up the backyard, which was not desirable

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