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ChevronNu Flow Chosen for Chevron’s Rehabilitation Project

Nu Flow continues to execute successful pipe lining jobs that other companies insist are unfeasible. We were recently chosen to rehabilitate underground 10″ diameter cooling lines for Chevron, due to our ability to line pipes without destruction, using our Nu Main system. This is a testament to why a growing number of leading innovative companies in the world choose Nu Flow.

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University Park Power PlantMore Than a Mile of Failing Pipes Lined at Power Plant

Extremely corrosive and aggressive water caused the various potable pipe system problems. The 2” and 3”potable line for the eye wash was so corroded that it gave out red water. The 8” and 10” potable lines for the reverse osmosis system had rust and debris, which the customer feared would cause damage. The potable lines for the office building experienced corrosion and rusty water as well. The pipe systems had to be protected against such aggressive water.

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Epoxy Pipe Line NavyUSS Bush Aircraft Carrier

2500 feet of copper nickel alloy pipe was lined as a preventative measure while the vessel was still in dry dock.

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