Drain / Sewer Lining

ChevronNu Flow Chosen for Chevron’s Rehabilitation Project

Nu Flow continues to execute successful pipe lining jobs that other companies insist are unfeasible. We were recently chosen to rehabilitate underground 10″ diameter cooling lines for Chevron, due to our ability to line pipes without destruction, using our Nu Main system. This is a testament to why a growing number of leading innovative companies in the world choose Nu Flow.

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Iowa Farm BureauIowa Farm Bureau Corporate Headquarters: HVAC System Rehabilitation

The aged HVAC pipe system inside this multi-story office building had to be repaired, but since some of the pipes are hidden inside walls and other inaccessible areas, the building engineers looked for an in-situ pipe lining process. The black iron pipes have 8″ through 12″ diameters.

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Epoxy Pipe Lining Multi-family Condo Strata re-pipe alternativeGreen River Homes: Hot and Cold Potable System Rehabilitation

The potable water system in the Green River duplexes experienced pinhole leaks, low flow and red water as a result of heavy corrosion. The pipe lines are located in walls, under the floors and under the ground between buildings.The customer did not want a costly and disruptive re-pipe.

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