Why Nu Line

Our Competitive Advantage

We are British Columbia’s leading epoxy pipe repair and unblocking specialist. Our mission is to be cutting edge and the leader in the non-invasive pipe rehabilitation industry.

Nu Flow leads industry by providing key environmental performance benefits:

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

  • Epoxy pipe lining is an eco-friendly solutions that creates no landfill wastes.
  • Our innovative green solutions rehabilitate piping systems from the inside, ensure healthy and safe water allowing us to leave virtually no carbon footprint on the environment and prevent pollution to water resources.
  • Epoxy coatings and structural lining technology are endorsed by the EPA, as well as by a multitude of industry professionals and water infrastructure engineers and experts, including a host of global, water-related agencies.

End of life disposal/ability to be reused or recycled

  • Due to the durability of our lining products and type of resin utilized toxics are not released into the environment.

Epoxy Pipe Lining vs Traditional RePipe

  • Action


    Corrosion Protection

    Water Availability

    Building Damages




    Lifestyle Disruption

  • Pipe Lining


    Yes, Water never touches the pipe again

    Always Available

    Close to none

    Neat, Clean


    10 year warranty


  • Repipe

    Time Consuming

    No, water will still be touching the new pipe

    Long shut downs

    Extensive, Messy

    Very Dirty Process

    Loud, Noisy

    Minimum warranty


Cleaner … Faster … Cheaper

Our Nu Line Process

  • Nu Flow’s system provides you a cost-effective alternative to traditional repiping. Lining the pipes while they are still in the walls prevent a host of other complications, like finding a place to live while your home is torn apart or repairing all the damage to the drywall, floors and ceilings after the job is done. Less expensive, cleaner, safer for small children in the home, and real protection from lead in old pipes and solder joins. With all these benefits…

Why Would Anyone Ever Repipe?

Why restore all the pipes when one one pipe is leaking?

  • A single leak is the first symptom of a failing water system.
  • A pinhole or slab leak is not an isolated incident.
  • “Spot” repairs can cost thousands of dollars!

What you Should Know:

  • Significantly reduces future challenges
  • Material options for pipes
  • Peace of mind of a new pipe

Things to Consider About a Repipe:

  • Will likely require:
    • Cutting into walls
    • Ripping up floors
    • Cutting into ceiling
    • Jackhammer use on foundation/slab
  • Damaged areas will need to be repaired, repainted, re-tiled, etc. after the work is completed
  • Time consuming