Why Nuflow

Nu Drain InstallerNu Line InstallerNuflow utilizes epoxy, not PVC. Unlike epoxy, PVC does not bond to the host pipe and grouting is required at either end of the lined pipe generally at manholes.

PVC does not seal around the complete junctions. If the junction is fractured tree roots can easily penetrate the line.

  • Nuflow specializes in sectional lining. Our product can stop and start at any point within the pipe, unlike PVC, where the complete line must be relined.
  • Nuflow’s seamless liner restores structural integrity, prevents joint weakening and has a smooth transition to the host pipe.
  • Nuflow can purpose make liners to almost any configuration and with various lengths for the main line and lateral line as required.
  • Nuflow’s product can be installed on junctions, bends, horizontal or vertical pipes all in one complete application.

Utilizing our product, we can rehabilitate junctions in one complete application, strengthening the entire junction.

Top hats, as the name suggests, are unable to do this as they only cover a small section of the main line pipe and have the potential to fall out over time.